Neuromuscular Therapy

In Neuromuscular Therapy the therapist will pick up the belly of the muscle and do what is called the edge technique where the therapist and client work together to get the problem muscle areas to release. When using the edge technique, the client will usually feel some pain, but not too much as to cause over tightening of the muscles. Both the therapist and the client will feel the muscles release and the pain will subside. At that time the therapist will go in a little deeper and the client will let the therapist know when they feel more pain.

This process repeats for as long as it takes for the client’s body to release all of the muscles to a relaxed and pain-free state. This is a great technique to use if you have been in a car accident or have over used of certain areas of your body! It actually will release all of the muscles where there are trigger points, so you can have the experience of finally being pain free!!

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